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How the ProtectMyKid app will bring you Peace of Mind!

With the ProtectMyKid app, get peace of mind with a vetted person, to walk your child!

You've heard of "ride-sharing" --- NOW there is "walk-sharing"

This "walk-sharing" app is one that is "over the moon"! 

We are developing our ProtectMyKid app for parents that want to have someone that is a vetted(neighbor/community member) walk their child to/from school or the bus stop. The vetted person will have passed a background check & will be folks like  "seniors", retired/off-duty law enforcement/military & their spouses. Even responsible college students and off-duty ride-sharing drivers, and other vetted adults.  

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Grassroots  -  Community  -  Neighborhood

It takes a village to raise a child.

It takes a village to protect a child.

It takes a village to save a child's life.

Let's Do It!       Together We Can!

Download our "ProtectMyKid!Community" app to stay up-to-date on not only when we will release our ProtectMyKid! app (PMK!) but to be informed of global issues concerning safety & security of children everywhere!

To download  and install  the ProtectMyKid!Community app on your Android Device, ensure that the "Unknown sources" box is checked (in the browser) to allow installation of non-Market applications.

Next:  Simply open the URL below on your Android Phone Browser:


This will download the .apk file.

Tap Install and the app will be installed onto your device.  Once the app is installed you can delete the .apk file which you downloaded as you won't need it anymore.

Or, if you prefer:

Get our Android app on the Google Play Store-NOW!

You can get it directly on the Google Play Store "Direct Link" here:

ProtectMyKid!Community     Android App

Google names it : 


NOT our choice, but hey!---it's "Google" 'ya know......

In addition to using our free "Community" app to keep up-to-date on the development of the "ProtectMyKid!"  (PMK!) app, please join our Face Book Group!

Everyone likes to have fun!

You can get the "look and feel" of the "production" app when it becomes available, by signing up on our "wait list" to get our free   "game" version of our PMK! app.

Why not join us today?

Here is the Face Book link for our "Protectmykid The Game Group":

Protectmykid The Game Group

Feel the Passion and  Share the Vision: Tell your friends, neighbors, and co-workers about our revolutionary (soon to be released) ProtectMyKid! app!  

Something to think about:

Every person has the power to change the world:

Let's Do It!

Together We Can!

Thank you: Stephanie and Patrick O'Connell (Co-Founders of ProtectMyKid  (aka The ProtectMyKid App Company)

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Stephanie O'Connell

The idea of the ProtectMyKidapp was Stephanie's!  Can U feel her passion & vision4this app's future?

The idea for the ProtectMyKidapp was Stephanie's:Can U feel her vision & passion for the app?

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Get Peace of Mind with the ProtectMyKid app!

 We'll use "geotracking" when your child goes to/from school or the bus stop: Peace of Mind 4 You!

 We'll use "geotracking" when your child goes to/from school or the bus stop: Peace of Mind 4 You! 

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